Miika Leppänen

Software Consultant

Passionate developer who always tries to find ideal solutions to problems, but knows that ideal must yield to budget and time constraints.

Contact: +358 50 405 1123 | miika.leppanen@eebu.com

Gain competitive advantage with custom business software or with advanced use of saas applications. I can help to find right solution for you. There are often simple unused ways to increase your profits. Like improving your customer retention with personalized newsletters. Or by using work order management to better allocate your resources. Here are some examples of my projects that I can tell you about.

Eebu Laskupohja

Eebu Laskupohja(Invoice Template) is a free service to create and print invoices easily. Invoice has barcode and bank transfer form for finnish banks and your own logo.

Eebu Start

Eebu Start Laskutusohjelma

Eebu Start is an online billing and invoicing software. It has customer and product registers, ability send e-invoices and integrated printing and delivery service. You can follow payments and import reference payments from your bank.


Eebu Booking

Saas application to handle multiple types of booking and reservation needs. Can handle multiple sites and resources per customer. Single resource can be booked from multiple sites if needed. Simple demo of end user booking view can be found from here . There is also more advanced javascript calendar view available if required.


Eebu ERP

Full featured ERP as Saas. It has modules like sales, crm, invoicing, calendar, webstore etc. The UI is implemented as single page web application. Project is currently in pilot phase. I'm co-author in this with Toni Leino.

Eebu ERP

Smart Faker

Generate fake customer data with real finnish addresses. Used to create realistic looking test data for other projects.

Smart Faker

Eebu Service Orders

Fast and easy order management, follow work load and state of the work. Print receipts with barcodes to connect them to orders.

Eebu Service Orders